CallNet ditches its free service

Another unmetered service bites the dust in the UK

CallNet, one of the first ISPs to provide unmetered Internet service in the UK finally admits it cannot cope with demand and ditches its free offering.

Since launching the service back in November, CallNet has been beset by problems. Registration was suspended after the ISP was overwhelmed by demand and since then many users have encountered problems registering and logging on.

According to CallNet the decision to ditch the free service is due to "prevailing market forces". "CallNet's decision to terminate the 0800 services is due to changes within the dynamic telecoms industry and new service preferences of UK Internet users," reads a statement.

CallNet plans to replace its free services with a 1p per minute off-peak offering. This will rise to 2p per minute during peak times. "As a responsible ISP the launch of the 1p service is the answer to the rapid development of Internet culture in the UK," says a spokesman.

LineOne cancelled its unmetered service last month and breathe threw 500 "bandwidth hogs" off its service following complaints of jammed lines. The failure of the model will come as a blow to campaigners for unmetered Internet access.

Full story to follow.

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