CallNet launches MailTV

Email on the box... it's hereAs revealed by ZDNet News last month, CallNet -- the ISP which bought free access to UK users -- announced roll out of its MailTV service Monday.

The interactive service will allow users to send and receive email, chat, shop and carry out home banking using simple text based services. Users can either buy a MailTV-enabled set -- initially available in Alba and Bush models -- or purchase a receiver which attaches to their existing TV. The receivers will cost around £50. The service will be charged at local call rates and will be available from early 2000.

Paul Goodman-Simpson, CallNet CEO believes it will provide cheaper Internet usage for those not wired through their PCs. "It will bring email and an expanding choice of interactive information services mass to the consumers market at a fraction of the cost of a computer. There is a strong latent demand in this country for interactive services such as home shopping or banking," he said, adding that potential for these services was under-exploited due to cost.