Calxeda: ARM-based HP Moonshot 'later this year'

HP's Moonshot servers went into production with Intel's Atom processor first, but expect a fast follow with an ARM system powered by Calxeda.

Calxeda, the processor provider for HP's first Moonshot system, said on Tuesday that a second effort will be in production "later this year."

When HP officially launched its Moonshot server famil y on Monday, it chose to go with Intel's Atom processors. The Moonshot platform is designed to be processor agnostic so Calxeda's omission wasn't a slight or indictment on ARM. More likely, HP's decision to go with Atom was more about being an option for all those x86 applications in the field.

According to Calxeda, the ARM HP Moonshot system will feature four ECX-1000 servers, running at 1.4 Ghz, each with 4 GB DRAM.

HP executives on Monday noted that x86 architecture isn't going away any time soon. More likely is that ARM and x86 will co-exist for years to come in data centers.

Calxeda is in HP's Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem, which includes 25 partners. Based on HP's chip partner list, it's likely Moonshot will ultimately feature AMD, Applied Micro and Texas Instruments processors at some point.



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