Can artificial intelligence design your site? The Grid hopes so

Via artificial intelligence, crowdfunded startup The Grid is plotting to put a web designer at everyone's disposal.


A startup is hoping that artificial intelligence can evaluate content and automatically build a web site around it. The Grid, launched a Google alum and the first designer behind Medium, could be promising on a broad scale.

The company, founded by former Google AdSense Director of Products Brian Axe and the first Medium designer Leigh Taylor, uses artificial intelligence software to speed up web design. The Grid plans to crowdfund its development.

According to The Grid, the company's software can speed up web development by collecting images and text, analyzing content to create a web site in three minutes, automate color schemes, crop images and build sites from a smartphone or tablet.

Via AI, The Grid is plotting to put a Web designer at everyone's disposal. The Grid is hoping to raise $70,000 to start production and launch accounts in late spring of 2015. The software will ultimately go for $25 a month, but founding memberships will get $8 a month.

I don't usually chase crowdfunding pitches or startups this early, but the concept is notable given the importance of user experience in the enterprise. Companies are going to have to recruit UX experts to put a human face on what businesses run by smart machines and algorithms. Technology that could refine and adapt designs over time automatically could alleviate more than a few enterprise issues.