Can the iMainGo X redefine my portable audio experience?

iMainGo X boosts your portable device's volume without compromising sound quality

I love my iPhone and my HTC EVO. They can do so many things, including act as an in-car GPS, a portable stereo, and of course a phone. One thing that bothers me about them, though, is that the speaker doesn't go loud enough in my car. I should mention that I have a relatively old car, so it has some loud moments, but even when I'm sitting idle at a light, it's difficult to hear the GPS alerts. I also find that my portable devices are not loud enough to host an impromptu dance party with my kids.

I was thinking about hooking the output of my phones up to my car stereo when I received news of Portable Sound Laboratories new iMainGo X. The company had previously been known as having a number of other solutions along the same vein, but the iMainGo X is specifically made to house the iPhone, iPod, Microsoft Zune, and most other MP3 players. If you're not familiar with the device, it features premium high output stereo speakers that do an incredible job at reproducing bass. It's also built into a unique case that protects your device while in use.

What has me most excited about giving the iMainGo X a try is its built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Years ago I tried something similar to the iMainGo X but it required some AA batteries. As you might expect, they were quick to burn out. In the case of the iMainGo X, I'm thinking I'll probably keep it plugged into my car and then take it out and about, as needed, and even use it as an external speaker system for a variety of other devices, since it has a 3.5mm connection.

I've asked the company to send out a review unit since this version for $69.99 also offers two headphone jacks, and mic input. It seems that the company is trying to make it the ultimate gadget so I'm happy to put it to the test.