Can Web 2.0 make taxes sexy?

Are you down with "The Tax Rap"?

Are you down with “The Tax Rap”? 

Yo! Everyone knows nothing goes together better than RAPPING and TAXES. Don't get it twisted. TurboTax is the #1 selling, #1 rated tax software in the US—A. Platinum. We don't do "sweet". We do big, fat, throw your back out they're so big tax REFUND checks. I'm America's most trusted, fool! Represent.

Who is “America’s most trusted” when it comes to the IRS?

Vanilla Ice, fool! (as suggested by the advertising agency for Intuit’s TurboTax!)

Just because we're experts in tax code doesn't mean we can't bust mad flow. Ahem.

We know you got what it takes to rap about taxes too. So lay it down and show us your rhymes- we got some chedda to give away. Yo, bring in the prizes! 

I have been chronicling a Web 2.0 phenomenon I have dubbed “branded conversations," as I underscore in “Web 2.0 in 2007: Brands rule!


How do “‘Branded Conversations’ frame social media in 2007”?


Via brand-focused “user-involved” make-your-own commercials reinforcing corporate slogans contests!

Way back in November, I put forth a “Super Bowl 2007: Social media kickoff,” presenting the NFL, Doritos and Chevrolet brand-focused “user-involved” social media promotions created around the yearly super bowl of commercials; All three solicited user involvement in the development of brand commercials to air during this year’s super bowl game.

The football Super Bowl is also the Super Bowl of commercials, but the Intuit “The Tax Rap” submit your “homemade rap demo about taxes” takes the (Vanilla Ice cream) cake! 
Are you looking for a “MAD REFUND”? Do you need FREE tax tips?

1) Register for an account on YouTube

2) Read the rules and produce your Tax Rap video following all rules

3) Upload your video on YouTube

4) Submit your video on The Tax Rap Contest page

5) Tell all your friends to watch your video and vote!

Grand Prize: Vanilla Ice will pick the Grand Prize Winner of $25,000 in cash money (does Vanilla Ice know of another kind of money?)

5 Viewers Choice Awards: The Top 5 Most Voted Rap Demos get TurboTax Bling made from cubic zirconium! Represent! (really Vanilla Ice, shouldn’t BLING be the real thing!)

Who is selling out to whom?

Does a “rap” commercial contest reinforce Vanilla Ice “cred”? 

Are YouTubers really “broadcasting themselves” when they hawk a Fortune 500 product as per the marketer’s specs?

Does Intuit TurboTax software believe it can become a “cool” product by latching on to the YouTube bandwagon? 

The IRS is probably the biggest winner of all!