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Linux online logoFrank in Charlotte (the Golden City) asks,

I've always wanted to learn about and try Linux but 'Net search results are a chow mein of technical chatter. Is there a site that talks about Linux for the novice? And how do I get a copy of Linux?

Dear Frank:

The glib answer is to get yourself the latest edition of "Linux for Dummies," although I prefer a competing title, O'Reilly's Linux Pocket Guide.

Slashdot editor Robin Miller also offers "Point and Click Linux", which for $20 (plus shipping etc.) includes a CD-ROM with SimplyMEPIS Linux, and a DVD where Roblimo himself helps guide you through.

Want some free Linux? Just about any Linux project offers free downloads. There are many links to such locations at

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Just remember that knowledge is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and time spent learning Linux is always time well spent.