Cannabis! Sex! Cheese! And soon, electric car charge points will be prevalent in Holland

The Dutch will never be more than 30 miles away from a quickie, with ABB's network of fast chargers.

The future of travel. This illustration by ABB suggests that men won't need feet (look at the guy on the left) and that women will be able to charge their EVs while talking on the phone.


Play word association using Holland as your cue, and someone is bound to shout cannabis, sex or cheese. Soon, they might blurt out electric car charging stations.

That's because in the near future, residents of the Netherlands will never be more than 31 miles from one, according to a press release from ABB, the Swiss industrial conglomerate that has won a contract to supply chargers nationwide.

The chargers will pop up within 50 kilometers of each other at over 200 roadside stations along Dutch highways, as part of the country's Fastned network, ABB said. They will support multiple charging standards and will give a car a full jolt within 15-to-30 minutes. That's a quickie, by car charging measures.

"The network will be capable of serving EVs (electric vehicles) offered by all major car brands from Europe, Asia and the U.S.A," ABB said. It added that a cloud computing system will also offer "user-friendly payment and access service for all drivers."

ABB will start delivering the chargers this September, and the network is scheduled to be fully installed by 2015. The charge stations will have solar roofs to help furnish some of the electricity.

"Range anxiety" has been one of the biggest factors holding back the uptake of electric cars around the world, as drivers fear running out of power along route. If chargers become as common as an Amsterdam red light storefront, maybe motorists will start to get over their inhibitions.

Image provided by ABB

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