Canon's latest product isn't a camera, combines mouse with calculator

Forgoing the technology for which it is known, Canon is preparing a pair of mouse-calculator-keypad hybrids aimed at the office worker.

Cannon's latest product announcements aren't cameras at all, but a pair of bizarre multi-function hybrids dubbed the X Mark I Mouse Lite and the X Mark I Keypad

The first of the two, the strangely-named X Mark I Mouse Lite, combines the laser mouse with a keypad and calculator, a combination for which there has apparently been a significant demand. Compatible with both Windows and OS X, the X Mark I Mouse Lite comes in both black and white. Also, Bluetooth 2.0. Expect it this August for $59.

The Canon X Mark I Keypad is slightly less exciting, and just acts as just a calculator and keypad. Also available in black and white, the The Canon X Mark I Keypad runs on both solar and AAA battery power. Running for $59, the device is expected this September.

In all, Canon seems to be off its rocker slightly with the products, neither of which offers much in the area for which Canon is known: cameras. Either way, both devices do work to reduce the number of devices in the office - an effort for which I'm sure the overwhelmed office worker will be very grateful.