Capitol bloggers!

Increasing numbers of Congress critters are taking on blogs - many are mere stringing together of press releases, others are real, personal documents.
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The Post reports that a handful of senators and representatives are getting into this whole blogging thing. Some blog about specific trips, like Sen. Patty Murray's (D-Wash.) "Patty's Blog from the Middle East" (about half of which is actually about her trip to Georgia and Ukraine) from March 2005. Somehow, though, Patty's travelogue of going from US Embassy to US Embassy lacks a real blogger's edge. Here she is right after the Orange Revolution in Ukraine:

Then the President arrived. The results of the dioxin poison were very clear and shocking when he walked in - how he could have survived that is amazing. But as soon as he started talking, we were immediately focused on his intense love for his country and his determination to make the changes that the citizens of his country spoke out for. It seems the so-called "Orange Revolution" and its victory really took everyone here by surprise.

But they also clearly understood the need to make progress, particularly on eliminating the corruption of the past!

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colo.) is the only Capitol Hill blogger to allow reader comments. While he's published three posts since September, the previous post was in April, but perhaps he is rolling  now. Reader comments are  not especially elucidating.

Sen. Patrick Leahy's (D-Vt.) staff blogs from the floor on More from the Floor, but it reads something like the Congressional Record. "The Senate stands in adjournment until Monday, October 17 at 2 p.m., at which point consideration of H.R.3058, the Transportation/Treasury Appropriations Bill, will begin."

And then there's Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas), who has a real blogger's sensibility: direct,  personal, mixing reportage with opinion.

I saw a soldier who lost a nose, some lost ears. Not only have they been exposed to physical trauma of an explosion, but also the mental experience of their injury and the death or injury of their fellow soldiers. Their spirit is remarkably good and their attitude is one of "I was just doing my job, sir." When told how brave

Congressman Neugebauer meets with the brave men and women of America.

they are, they seem to appreciate members of Congress coming to see them. I think they were surprised. In fact the reaction of the troops to our presence was one of thanks for caring. They know that we have come to a place that is not without risk to tell them thanks for the good job. They are open and candid about how they feel and they are proud of what they have done. The question most asked while I was on the tour was, "Sir, do the folks back home appreciate what we're doing here?" My answer is that I can't speak for everyone, but my sense is that they appreciate what you're doing, but wish you didn't have to do it.

Capitol bloggers - it's a good thing. The more real they can be, the better connection they'll have with their constituents, at least some of them, and that has to help at election time. 


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