Capture your life with Evernote on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Evernote is a fantastic application and service and now we see it available on the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook. Capture your life and store it in the cloud with Evernote.

One reason I bought myself a BlackBerry PlayBook at launch, before I even had my own BB smartphone, was that I thought the device had lots of potential. It is taking some time to realize all of that potential, but application developers are making it better with some great apps. As posted on Evernote is now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook and can be download from BlackBerry App World. Evernote is an application and service that lets you capture, store, and search for just about anything you can think of in one central repository and I use it on all of my mobile devices.

I don't yet see the news of the release up on the Evernote site, but will get the software loaded up on my PlayBook soon and give it a spin. From the screenshots on it looks like you will be able to create notes that are text based, have audio, have pictures integrated and attachment support. I can't get enough of Evernote and the software because so much more useful when it is available everywhere for you to capture your thoughts and daily life.

UPDATE: You can now read about Evernote for the PlayBook on the Evernote blog, Noteworthy.