CaptureToCloud debuts social collaboration tool; targets SMBs

The company calls the cloud service a "social workspace" and, through tight integration with Google Apps, aims to improve productivity.


CaptureToCloud announced this morning the launch of what it calls a "social workspace," a cloud collaboration tool integrated with the Google Apps suite directed at small- and medium-sized business professionals.

The San Jose, Calif.-based company claims its the first such tool that "allows users to capture any type of digital content to share or collaborate with anyone on any device in the cloud," though we're always skeptical of such superlatives. (They're rarely true.)

The point of the workspace is to get away from file-centric thinking to make collaboration more naturally intuitive. Instead of converting content --- say, an interesting excerpt of text -- into a file, you can just capture it and drag and drop it into your Social Workspace. Ditto files stashed in Google Drive or Dropbox. From there, organize your affairs by topic or theme and share, via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or CaptureToCloud.

Other key functionality includes private conversation capability (inside and outside the firewall) and mobile support.

CaptureToCloud offers the service in free and premium ($4/mo.) flavors; it's available in the Google Apps Marketplace, Google Chrome Web Store and on Google Play.