Castlight launches cloud module aimed at mental health

The service, called Elevate, is the latest extension to Castlight's healthcare platform and is designed to better manage behavioral health issues.

Castlight, which provides enterprise healthcare management software via the cloud, on Tuesday rolled out an extension designed to better manage behavioral health issues.

The service, called Elevate, is the latest extension to Castlight's healthcare platform. Castlight's cloud suite manages healthcare expenses, pharmacy claims, dental and other plan features. Castlight's cloud platform also features analytics to predict future issues as well as manage healthcare today.


According to Jennifer Schneider, chief medical officer, mental health is a top concern for self-insured enterprises. Why? "Behavioral health conditions impacts an enterprise's populations in ways we know and don't," said Schneider, who added that 70 percent of mental health issues go untreated.

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And given that employees are one of the biggest investments a company makes many enterprises want to zero in on treatment. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 200 million workdays are lost each year due to depression.

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Castlight search data shows that psychological care is the third or fourth most popular search depending on the company. However, mental health benefits via employee assistance programs are accessed just 3 percent of the time due to concerns about the stigma, said Schneider.

Castlight's Elevate aims to do the following:

  • Create an efficient research tool and then start care through the same hub.
  • Identify users with behavioral health conditions.
  • Offer in-app quizzes to help narrow down and understand the issue.
  • Deliver individual recommendations via self-help videos and exercises that are personalized.
  • Offer cognitive behavioral therapy via video conferencing and phone calls.

All of those options are provided according to regulations such as HIPAA, which governs patient privacy. Castlight's Elevate module is integrating with the company's cloud platform overall. From there, Castlight will be able to use algorithms to understand the issues, what people care about and link information to claims.

Elevate will be sold separately as an add-on module.