Catalyst enters New Zealand cloud market

Christchurch-based open-source specialist Catalyst has launched an OpenStack-based cloud service after two years of development.

New Zealand open-source specialist Catalyst has launched an automated cloud service developed on OpenStack.

Catalyst said the locally hosted offering, which it described as "New Zealand's first and only fully automated cloud service", was the product of two years of research and development and millions of dollars of investment.

Catalyst director Don Christie. Photo:Kristina D.C. Hoeppner

Christchurch-based Catalyst said the Catalyst Cloud has a capacity of 100,000 virtual servers, and the potential to keep more than NZ$40 million a year in New Zealand.

"Kiwi businesses will get similar functionality as AWS, but with the privacy benefits and no latency that local hosting provides," said Catalyst director Don Christie.

The service was built using commodity hardware and open-source software, which the company said delivered value for money compared with proprietary alternatives.

It features real-time provisioning of virtual machines, network, and storage from a web dashboard.

Services offered include compute, a machine image service, block and object storage, software-defined networking, automated monitoring, and security. A VPN as a service is also in beta.

The Catalyst Cloud is built on a 10Gbps network with a 40Gbps core.