Catbird helps VMware sites to enforce PCI security

Compliance and security are concerns for organizations that plan to move their environment to cloud computing. When these organizations virtualize sensitive systems and assets, such as PCI payment processing, they learn that compliance can be challenging. Catbird and VMware have partnered to address these concerns.

The Email from Catbird's PR company started with this paragraph:

Catbird Security will debut a long-awaited new version of their flagship offering, vSecurity. It aims to dramatically increase the headaches associated with compliance monitoring and enforcement capabilities giving IT networking and security personnel in regulated software-defined datacenters the control and assurance they need to pass their audits confidently. The new vSecurity adds state-of-the-art vulnerability and configuration management, with Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) support, to Catbird’s existing arsenal of automated software-defined network security controls, significantly improving IT’s ability to monitor and enforce PCI, HIPAA and other standards in virtualized infrastructure.

With a promo like that, how could I turn it down?

The truth is that I really have enjoyed previous conversations with the company and have had a long and friendly relationship with Tamar Newberger, Catbird's Vice President of Marketing. We first met at a SCO Forum at the University of California at Santa Cruz. She was with the Santa Cruz Operation, and I was there representing Digital Equipment's PC server group.

Since those ancient times, Tamar went on to Catbird to lead their marketing efforts. From time to time, she's reached out to me to describe what the company is doing.

Catbird has addressed itself as a creator of clever security monitoring and enforcement products that monitor all network traffic, builds a picture of what is communicating with what, and applies a comprehensive array of tools to monitor and control that stream of communication. If the “bad guys” can’t communicate into or out of a company’s IT infrastructure, it becomes far easier to assure security and compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) security standards.

This time, the conversation focused on what Catbird is doing to help VMware-based environments secure the operations of their virtual systems. We enjoyed a discussion of all of the different types of security that are needed in the environment, and where Catbird's products fit. Here's a quick list of the areas we discussed:

  • Identity Management
  • Endpoint security
  • Authorization
  • Data security*
  • Configuration management*
  • White listing
  • Network security*
  • Configuration and log management*
  • Platform security*

* Places in which Catbird sings.

What has always been interesting about Catbird is the ease of set-up and use of their products. All of the Catbird customers I've spoken with like the company and its products and see that they're benefitting from the relationship.

If security is your concern, you ought to know Catbird.