CatchApp: Keep track of work teams effortlessly

There's an iPhone app that connects to collaboration services and automatically keeps team managers updated with what everyone's doing.

Image: Kojoki

If you're trying to keep track of what team workers are doing on one or more projects, you may want to check out CatchApp for the iPhone. This app watches for activity performed by workers and automatically sends updates to your phone.

What makes CatchApp so unique is it works with collaboration tools that most teams are likely already using. Those include Basecamp, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Trello, Podio, Pivotal Tracker, Bitbucket, Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, Mendeley, Lighthouse, GitHub, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Highrise, Twitter, Zendesk and RSS feeds. The app watches for activity in any connected service and creates a news feed in the app for the manager. This provides an automatic feed that makes it clear what each team member is up to at any given time. It can optionally send push notifications in addition to the news feed.

The aggregated news feed can be filtered for different views of the information, including by project and team member. This makes it effective to drill down to the level of information needed.

It's easy to envision handling a lot of workers and multiple projects using the app. In my previous career as a consultant I supervised up to 9 projects simultaneously, along with a team of workers for each, and I spent a fair amount of time daily keeping on top of everything. A news feed that presented this information to me would have been valuable.

CatchApp generates reports on team activity, a useful function for keeping others informed about projects and teams.

Hojoki GmbH, the developer of CatchApp, has chosen an interesting payment model for the app. It can be downloaded and used without cost for the first 100 updates per month. Additional updates can be purchased in-app at the following cost:

100 updates -- $0.99

1,000 updates -- $8.99

5,000 updates -- $39.99

This scheme makes it possible to try and begin using CatchApp at no cost. Team managers may want to give it a try, it could make it easier to keep on top of the efforts of workers.

It's currently only available for the iPhone but the developers have both Windows Phone and Android versions under development.