CBA's Pi, Qantas hearts iPads and Billabong leaks

CBA's retail revolution, Qantas' love of all things Apple and Billabong leaking customer details are front and centre of this week's ZDNet Australia podcast.

What are Albert, Leo and Pi, and how is the Commonwealth Bank (CBA) using them to change the way we pay for things at the shops? Why does Qantas seem to be giving Apple a lot of love lately? And what possessed Billabong to store passwords in plain text?

Thanks for all of your emails, tweets and comments about the podcast not appearing in iTunes. The IT powers that be appear to have fixed this problem, so you should be getting all of your podcasty goodness through the regular channels once again. Thanks for your patience!

On this week's Technolatte:

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Running time: 21 minutes, 58 seconds