CD copyright protection system on the way

New system to prevent "casual copying" of CDs

US companies Macrovision and TTR Technologies have announced a partnership to develop a copy protection system to prevent the copying of optical audio media, such as CDs and DVDs.

The new system will prevent what the companies term the "casual copying" of CDs using dual-CD systems or CD-Recordable drives.

The two companies will pool their technologies and patents for music CD and DVD Audio copyright protection. Macrovision will license the technology to music rights owners worldwide on an exclusive basis. The companies will work in conjunction with encoder manufacturers to manufacture the technology.

The agreement gives Macrovision an exclusive license to TTR's CD and DVD signature technology and encoder software used to embed digital signatures, which will be a critical element of the protection system. "This should enable us to deliver a commercially viable music CD copy protection system to the music industry," said Macrovision CEO John Ryan, in a statement.

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