CD-ROM makers still chasing speed

Just about five years after 150Kbps single-speed CD-ROM drives began to pick up popularity, TEAC has begun shipping a CD-ROM drive at a mind-boggling 32-speed clip.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

TEAC is not the first maker to release a 32-speed drive but many observers have long suggested that the rush to such faster and faster claims is merely the prelude to the eclipse of CD-ROM by DVD-ROM. With recent splits in the DVD camp, that wisdom may no longer hold.

The CD-532E 32X is an Enhanced IDE CD-ROM drive kit (£82) or Ultra SCSI-3 drive (£89) with a maximum data transfer ceiling of 4,800Kbps and an 85ms average access time.

As with all top-end CD-ROM drives, the topmost speeds are only available while tracking the outer parts of the disk, but TEAC reckons that 1,380Kbps will be available over the innermost tracks. The firm also says that a unique disk-rotation mechanism reduces vibration and noise, the traditional plagues of CD drives that spin at such velocity.

TEAC: 01923-225235

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