CDT to crack the whip on spyware/adware

CDT to file two complaints on Monday against spyware/adware companies alleging deceptive and unfair trade practices. The targets of the complaints are not known at this time.

According to an article on, the Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is planning to file two complaints on Monday with the FTC against multiple adware/spyware pushers.  The complaints were described as "extensive" and include a number of "deceptive and unfair trade practices" allegations against the targets. A telephone news conference will be held on Monday. says:

It is unknown which companies the CDT will include in its complaints to the FTC on Monday. However, the group has in the past dissed the activities of Direct Revenue, 180Solutions and Claria, as well as other makers of advertising software and spyware.

I can think of a few folks that might not be having a good weekend due to this news.  In 2004 the CDT filed its first complaint to the FTC about spyware pushers.  The FTC in turn sued Spamford (Sanford) Wallace and Seismic Entertainment. Later, in April 2005, the FTC amended its complaint to include additional defendants Rob Martinson and his companies MailWiper, Inc. and SpyDeleter, Inc.  I have an entire blog category at SpywareWarrior about the SpyWiper, SpyDeleter insanity and one about the FTC vs. Spamford Wallace & Spyware. The CDT's complaint against Seismic Entertainment and cohorts can be read here (PDF). The CDT takes complaints about spyware here.

I'll be watching for the CDT's news release on Monday.  Stay tuned.