CDW formalizes mobile technology management service

The Total Mobility Management service supports IT teams with planning, deployment and ongoing management.

How would you rate the ability of your company to handle mobile devices and services in the workplace? Some new research from national technology services company CDW suggests that most would rate an average of C, or less. 

With that in mind, the company has developed a new service line to address mobile policies and support for CDW customers called CDW Total Mobility Management

The service covers a range of activities including planning and policy creation, procurement and provisioning (even if a company has chosen to embrace a Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) roadmap), security and centralized management of patches and applications, monitoring and expense management related to mobile connectivity services, help desk support and administration, and development of custom applications and self-service app stores.

One of the biggest benefits of the new service is helping understand what mobile devices are already associated with your company, said Olaf Foote, IT support services manager at Denver-based, independent oil and gas company Whiting Petroleum, in CDW's announcement about the new service. Whiting Petroleum has actually been working with CDW on mobile device management for more than a year, using the AirWatch mobile device management solution.


Foote said:

“On the expense management and audit side, our solution has more than paid for itself, as we found devices that hadn’t been used in months and have optimized our plans to serve only the capacity we really need.  Just as importantly, now our MDM solution assures us that if a device is stolen or lost — which has happened — its access to our network was well-controlled in the first place, and we can erase the data on it remotely if necessary. CDW gets mobility, and they helped us get ours under control.”  

Likewise, speciality chemicals producer Stepan Co. has seen a 20 percent to 25 percent reduction in mobile expenses, said Steve Zimmer, commodities purchasing manager. (Despite his title, Zimmer apparently spent a lot of time helping colleagues with their mobile problems. Now he's back to focusing on his main responsibilities.)