CDW offers up server virtualization self-assessment tool

Approximately one in four small businesses has invested in server virtualization. Is your organization ready to make the leap?

IT services firm CDW has created an assessment test designed to help small businesses figure out whether or not they need to virtualize the servers within their infrastructure.

The tool runs organizations through a number of questions including the number of servers being supported, the skills of existing IT staff, how many users are being supported within the organization, and whether or not the company has an existing disaster recovery or business continuity strategy in place. The quiz is a bit simplistic, but might be useful if your organization is grappling with whether or not virtualization makes sense.

According to CDW's recent research on server virtualization within small businesses, approximately one in four have made the leap. Those that have made the investment have saved an average of $19,400 in their IT budgets, which can now be put toward other uses, according to the CDW research.