CDW unfurls mobile enterprise app store

The corporate IT integrator's App Marketplace caters specifically to customized software for sales support, customer relationship management, human resources and other business processes.

Corporate IT integrator CDW is launching a mobile application marketplace with a twist: the software you'll find there includes customized enterprise apps that cater to mission-critical business processes including human resources, sales support, retail execution, customer relationship management, manufacturing and so on.


Right now, there are approximately 60 featured applications on the new CDW App MarketPlace, representing developers including Avnet, Canvas, IBM Lextech, SAP, Symphony Teleca and WillowTree.

These aren't apps that individuals can really download on their own. Rather, the marketplace is meant to serve as a guide to mobile apps that can serve as extensions to existing processes, according to CDW.

The software is vetted by CDW's mobile team before being listed: based on demonstrations, and support policies for enterprise accounts.

One example is Appcast from Lextech Global Services (pictured at the right). This is a field services software application that can help junior field technicians broadcast video back to senior maintenance engineers while they are out on a complex replace job. The idea is to enable collaboration, without requiring the second engineer to travel to the job site.

Another app that has been evaluated by CDW and is available on the site is Quintiles by WillowTree Apps, which is an extension to the MediGuard drug safety Web site. The app is focused on drug management and its features include pill-taking reminders as well as a database that provides drug interaction warnings.

"This is the only destination that matches qualified developers with proven apps and development capabilities to an equally qualified, national market that is actively looking for the development services that they offer," said Andrea Bradshaw, senior director of CDW and general manager of mobility solutions. 

CDW formalized its mobile service last year through its Total Mobile Management portfolio , and this marketplace is its latest addition to that practice. 

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