CeBIT 2002: Belkin aims to be cheapest with Wi-Fi

Belkin isn't the first into the UK Wi-Fi market, but it aims to capture mainstream consumers' hearts by undercutting rivals

Belkin is planning to target the home wireless networking market with a range of Wi-Fi equipment that it claims will be the cheapest on the market. The company, which demonstrated its range of wireless networking kit at CeBIT this week, believes that the consumer market for wireless connectivity products is set for massive expansion -- and it wants a large piece of that market. Wi-Fi is a standard for 802.11b wireless LAN technology. "In the next three to five years, Wi-Fi will be the fastest growing sector of the whole IT industry. We're determined to become the number one vendor for home wireless networking equipment," said Alan Colley, Belkin's European KVN and LAN marketing manager. Colley told ZDNet UK that even though other companies have launched 802.11b equipment for the home ahead of Belkin, his company was committed to selling its products cheaper than its rivals. "Consumer awareness of Wi-Fi is growing, and as prices drop many more people will be able to install it in their homes. We're not the first company into this market, but we can learn from other people's successes and mistakes," said Colley. Colley added that if other vendors cut their prices lower than Belkin's, Belkin would slash its retail price in response in order to remain the cheapest. Belkin's 802.11b wireless network access point will cost £149.99 inc. VAT, while its cable/DSL router will retail for £179.99 inc. VAT and its USB network adaptor will cost £89.99 inc. VAT. It's 802.11b wireless network card for notebooks will cost £79.99 inc. VAT, and a PC Wi-Fi network adaptor card will cost £34.99 inc. VAT.

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