CeBIT 2002: Motorola strives for maximum desirability

'Object lust' is key as Motorola vows to create handsets that people just have to have - no matter what the cost
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

Motorola, which has suffered badly from the turmoil that has raged through the mobile sector in the last year, said at CeBIT that its new range of phones will allow its business to grow in 2002.

At a press conference, the company insisted that phones such as the A820 -- its first 3G phone -- and the V70 will prove very popular with consumers, especially those who put a premium on style and fashion.

"We want consumers to see a Motorola phone, say 'wow, that's cool' and buy it. Only later, when they get their bank statement, will they think 'wow, that's what it cost me'," said Ron Garriques, senior vice-president for Motorola's worldwide product line management.

The V70, part of the range of new phones that Motorola launched last month, boasts an innovative rotating cover that turns 180 degrees like a dial when the phone is in use.

Tim Parsey, vice president director of consumer design experience, told the press conference that in the new era of mobile phones customers would keep learning exciting new things about their mobile phone over time. He added that Motorola was committed to creating "object lust" with its new phones.

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