Celebrity sites defaced by Brazilian hackers

Prime Suspectz strike again - this time Mel Gibson, Jennifer Aniston and Denzel Washington are the targets
Written by ZDNet Staff, Contributor on

Computer crackers Prime Suspectz have defaced the official Web sites of actors Mel Gibson, Jennifer Aniston and Denzel Washington, leaving several love messages.

The postings, accompanied by the Brazilian flag and the Prime Suspectz logo read: "Hi Mel Gibson, my mother loves you!! Jennifer, we love you!! Jennifer and BRAZIL RLZ... Hey Danzel, you are a very good actor and my mother loves you too."

Attrition.org, which lists Web server defacements, says the Brazalian group has shown again how unsecure servers are still vulnerable to defacement.

The group, which leaves messages declaring Brazilian domination, recently defaced the Web sites of Microsoft New Zealand and the Australian Broadcasting Authority.

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