Cellhelmet offers accidental damage coverage for your iPhone

The Apple iPhone is an expensive smartphone, and unfortunately they break far too often. The folks at cellhelmet offer protection through a case and a damage warranty.

The story below was told by guest writer Joel Evans.

Cellhelmet offers accidental damage coverage for your iPhone
Image: Joel Evans/ZDNet

In the past, I've written about my wife breaking an iPhone screen. It has actually happened twice before, and each time I opted to either fix it myself or pay for Apple to fix the screen for me.

The above are usually the only two options, unless you pay for insurance from Apple directly. But what if you don't want to pay the insurance or you have an older, used phone that you suddenly want to protect? You could buy the indestructible cases from companies like Otterbox or G-Form , but they tend to cover up a lot of the aesthetics of the iPhone. Enter cellhelmet.

Cellhelmet protects your iPhone. That said, it's not in the way that you'd expect. Sure, it's a case, but it leaves the screen exposed. So, how does it protect your iPhone? The company offers one year of "accidental damage coverage". What that means is that if you crack your screen, damage a port or a button, break the frame, etc, it's covered.

Image: Joel Evans/ZDNet

As luck (or not) would have it, the company had sent me one a while back, which I was using on an iPhone that my son was using. I registered it with the company, but never had an occasion to use it. Well, the other day he showed me that the screen had cracked. As I mentioned, the case protects the body of the iPhone, but not the screen. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to try out the cellhelmet coverage.

I called the 24/7 damage reporting line, answered a bunch of questions, and then gave my credit card number for a one-time charge of $50. I then received two emails: One confirming the charge; the other giving me instructions for shipping the damaged phone.

I shipped the phone via UPS ground the next day for approximately $12. Two days later, I received an email confirmation that my phone had been received, and then the following day, received another email telling me that the phone had been repaired, along with a tracking number.

Long story short, my phone showed up the next day (a Saturday!), in a properly padded box, and looks as good as new.

I've been using it for a week without issue, and I couldn't be happier.

I have heard from friends who have brought their broken screens to after market places, and then had issues days later. They also paid more than the $62 I did. For that reason, and the excellent customer service, I highly recommend the cellhelmet.

One more thing: Cellhelmet will be featured on ABC's Shark Tank tomorrow night. No word on whether it got funded, but I'm sure it's going to be worth watching.