Centerstance balances business consulting with technical expertise

A key partner of, the integrator was purchased by NTT Group in October 2012 to anchor the telecommunications company's cloud services strategy.

NTT Centerstance, a closely aligned partner that was founded close to 10 years ago, is definitely doing something right: in October 2012, it was acquired by NTT Group to help anchor the massive telecommunications company's cloud services strategy.

The company's name is descriptive of the position it takes in the "center" of technology systems integration and business consulting, both of which are key to successful cloud transformation and migration projects. "We like to take a centered, balanced position," said Greg Lueck, senior vice president, global sales and marketing.

That said, assessment and process automation factor heavily into the front end of NTT Centerstance's engagements.

In the seven years that Lueck has been involved with the firm, he has witnessed a dramatic shift in the way that CIOs consider cloud solutions: the emphasis now is far less on cost savings and far more on enabling business agility.

"This is all about enabling your business to transform itself," Lueck said.

Most of NTT Centerstance's solutions are closely aligned with the ecosystem and include QlikView, Financial Force, Google, Informatica, DocuSign, Amazon, Intacct, Marketo, Cyber U, ServiceMax and eTrigue. In order to support business processes that are specific to its clients, however, the integrator handles a substantial amount of custom coding, he said. 

As testament to its skills, some of NTT Centerstance's partners also show up on its client list -- including DocuSign, QlikView and Other high-profile accounts include See's Candies, Caesars Entertainment, Tommy Bahama and Columbia Sportswear Company.