Centrify eyes identity management for Hadoop clusters

The company has partnered with Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR in an effort to better secure sensitive data housed in Hadoop clusters.

Centrify has partnered with Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR to create an identity management system designed for Hadoop big data infrastructure.

Securing big data lakes and Hadoop infrastructure is becoming more of an issue as Internet of things deployments and analytics take off. With data increasingly being shuttled between Hadoop infrastructure as well as other systems, the security issues can compound.

Hadoop infrastructure can contain personally identifiable information and regulated information.

Centrify, as part of its Server Suite 2015, is allowing customers to use their Active Directory software to control access, manage privileges, audit and secure machine connections. The security measures can be used to meet various regulatory requirements.

Bill Mann, chief product officer for Centrify, said the company partnered with the Hadoop vendors because many customers were using its software to authenticate big data workloads as projects went from pilots to production. Certifications with the Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR solidifies the use of identity management for big data. "Partnering with these vendors highlights the need. We are integrated out of the box with certifications," said Mann. "You can't have a separate silo for big data identity management."

The ID management company built in Hadoop interoperability and authentication enhancements. Centrify audits and secures access across Hadoop clusters. Key features include:

Active Directory use for Hadoop.

  • Single sign-on for IT admins and big data users.
  • Automated Hadoop service account management.
  • Tracking of user activity and linking to Active Directory accounts.
  • Product certifications with Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR.

Centrify Server Suite 2015 starts at $385 a server.

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