Centrix Software: Knowing more about application assetts

Centrix helps organizations learn what applications people are using, when they are using them and a great deal about service delivery.

Lewis Gee, Centrix Software's worldwide sales VP, and Jane Rimmer, marketing VP, spent some time laying out the company's history, what they've learned by serving their customers and how their software, Centrix Workspace, came to be. It was a facinating story. In short. the company started as a consultancy. It's software helped clients understand what their staff, customers and consultants were doing, how and when they were doing it and a great deal about service delivery metrics. The software was considered such a valued asset that Centrix decided that it would be a valuable tool for everyone and so, it became the foundation of the company's suite of software products.

What Centrix has to say about their products

A complete picture
The Centrix WorkSpace solution gives you a complete picture of your installed application and endpoint assets and the ability to monitor and meter how applications and content are being used across your organization and user base.

Applications delivered from a multitude of sources  “legacy, local, virtualized, hosted or cloud environments” can be transformed into powerful and measurable services focused on business performance. When you want to introduce a new platform or undertake a transformation project, such as a desktop virtualization implementation, it gives you the intelligence you need to make the right technology choices. It also provides the delivery platform to make new application and desktop services fit seamlessly into your existing service environment.

Simplified delivery
With WorkSpace you can simplify the delivery of services from a variety of application platforms (fat, thin, virtual and physical) so that your users, whether employees, business teams, corporate partners or market customers, can gain access to critical IT services, applications and content at speed. By creating a manageable platform for your service delivery, WorkSpace can help you reduce the cost of running diverse and complex application environments.

Strategic value
WorkSpace gives you the information you need to create strategic plans and deliver insight to business decision-makers. It helps IT address common business questions.

Snapshot analysis

From time to time, I speak with a software company that started life as a consultancy rather than as a software provider. The software these companies offer, has been tried in the real world and offers customers genuine and measurable value. Centrix Software is just such a company.

They view into an organization's IT infrastructure provides obvious and useful data that could help optimize asset use, find and fix performance problems and make life easier for IT administrators.

I'd suggest taking the time to see their demo. I suspect that you'd immediately think of ways their software could be of benefit to your organization.