CEO Nadella to publish book on lessons learned leading Microsoft

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will release his first book in the fall of 2017 about lessons learned during his stewardship of the company.

Like Microsoft's first CEO, Bill Gates, current CEO Satya Nadella is about to become a published book author.


Nadella's first book, Hit Refresh, will be published in the fall of 2017 by Harper Business, a division of HarperCollins, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Nadella described plans for the coming tome at the Aspen Ideas Festival this week, the WSJ said. The book won't be a memoir; instead, Nadella will aim to provide Microsoft employees, customers, and partners with a type of lessons-learned guide.

Here's the description of Nadella's book from Harper Business:

"Hit Refresh follows three storylines: Nadella's personal journey of transformation, the change that is taking place today inside his storied technology company, and one that is coming in all of our lives as intelligent machines become more ambient and more ubiquitous throughout society. Nadella explores how people, organizations, and societies can and must transform -- hit refresh -- in their persistent quest for new energy, new ideas, relevance, and renewal. Nadella writes that uniquely human qualities like empathy will become more valuable in a world where the torrent of technology will disrupt like never before."

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Nadella published a blog post earlier this week about his thoughts on how humans can work together with artificial intelligence to achieve societal good.

Nadella became CEO of Microsoft in February 2014. He is Microsoft's third CEO. (Steve Ballmer was the second.) Gates authored two books during his time leading Microsoft: The Road Ahead in 1995 and Business @ the Speed of Thought in 1999.

Nadella's proceeds from the book will be donated to Microsoft Philanthropies to benefit nonprofits, "specifically those working on public cloud for public good projects," Harper's June 29 press release said.