Cerf keeps hopes high for cloud's future

The Google vice president has told the Linux.conf.au 2011 that the cloud's future is as promising as the internet's was in its early stages

Google vice president and chief internet evangelist Vint Cerf has said that cloud computing is on the verge of becoming as big a concept as the internet itself.

Vint Cerf cloud

Vint Cerf has high hopes for the cloud. Photo credit: David Meyer

"I feel we are at the state in the cloud world now that we were in the internet world back in 1973," Cerf said in his keynote address to open-source enthusiasts at Linux.conf.au 2011 in Brisbane, Australia.

Cerf also said, however, that a lack of interconnected standards for cloud computing was holding it back.

"We have many different cloud implementations for different sources. Whether it's Amazon or Google or Microsoft or IBM and so on, they aren't built the same way, they don't have all the same functionality," he said, adding that there aren't any standards for getting different to talk to each other in a co-operative way like the internet does.

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