CERT Australia polls businesses on cyber incidents

CERT Australia is today launching a survey to give the Australian Government a better understanding of how online attacks on businesses and other incidents are affecting the economy.

Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT Australia) is launching a survey to determine to what extent "cyber incidents" affect Australian businesses and, thus, the economy.

CERT Australia hopes to poll about 500 organisations, which it already works with, in order to get their feedback for the Cybercrime and Security Survey. These include businesses from the finance, communications, energy, food, resources, transport and water industries.

"Cyber security is an important issue, so I will be writing to CERT Australia's stakeholders to request their contribution to the survey," Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said in a statement, adding that, at present time, Australia does not have a clear understanding of the effect of cybercrime on local businesses and the economy.

"Cybercrime is a global problem, but while international reports and experiences are informative, they don't provide a clear picture of what's happening here.

"The survey will help government and CERT Australia planning and, in turn, ensure all Australians can continue to safely and securely enjoy the benefits of the digital economy."

The Centre for Internet Safety, which is working in partnership with CERT Australia, is expected to publish the results of the survey in the next few months.