CES 2013: Cisco builds wireless home security control panel for AT&T

Cisco has teamed up with AT&T on a new home security platform for wirelessly monitoring and managing everything from smoke detectors to door locks.

LAS VEGAS -- Cisco is trotting out a new home security automation and management platform that it has built in partnership with AT&T.

Based on a concoction of AT&T software and Cisco communications radios, the Digital Life platform is touted to offer customers with the ability to manage home security and various connected devices within the home from virtually anywhere.

Examples of such devices range from smoke and motion sensors to thermostats to security cameras.

Cisco will be more responsible for the back-office provisioning work and applications, which enable users to manage home security remotely from PCs and mobile devices. And note that while the service runs on AT&T's nationwide wireless network, it's actually broadband-provider agnostic.

Here's a rundown on some of the hardware and software that makes up the Digital Life home security platform:

  • Five radios (one-way and two-way communications radios, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and 3G)
  • OSGi software framework
  • Power management to support up to a 24-hour back-up
  • Diagnostics to ensure devices and services are running reliably
  • Home Plug AV to communicate with devices over the in-home power grid

The Digital Life service is scheduled to roll out across eight U.S. markets in March, followed by up to 50 more markets throughout the year.