CES 2014: Cisco brings Videoscape to cloud, WebEx to Samsung Galaxy tablets

Cisco's video conferencing software will be preloaded on Samsung's NotePRO and TabPRO tablets, further emphasizing the pro in "PRO."

Cisco has been continously building upon and trotting out its living room ambitions at the Consumer Electronics Show for the last few years now .

Introduced on Monday, the latest stepping stone in the Videoscape strategy is to tack on the inevitable "as-a-Service" suffix so common when when being uploaded to the cloud.

The latest iteration of the TV platform is to take the software and APIs to the cloud, make the software open via OpenStack, and then sell the package on a consumption-based model to service providers and media companies.

Cisco touts that the cloud version of Videoscape will be more agile and more affordable, improving bottom lines all around.

One of the first places that we'll all be able to witness the fruits of this production is the upcoming 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia, which in the United States will be once again aired on NBC.

The Peacock Network will be using Cisco's Videoscape elastic cloud architecture to support live and cloud-based on-demand video streaming for content produced on the ground in the Black Sea port city.

And while the implosion of Transformers director Michael Bay might have stolen the show at Samsung's press conference on Monday afternoon, there were plenty of other bits and pieces flying under the radar as well.

One that concerns Cisco in particular is that the networking giant's WebEx video conferencing software will be preloaded on Samsung's new NotePRO and TabPRO tablets, further emphasizing the pro in "PRO."

As an incentive, Cisco is also promising some "Galaxy-only tools," such as escalating phone calls into WebEx meetings, screen sharing, and a free WebEx Meetings Premium 8 account that is valid for six months.