CES 2015: AT&T Modio case adds 4G, external storage to Wi-Fi iPad

A new case for iPad and iPad mini serves multiple functions, perfect for the small business.


AT&T Modio for iPad mini

(Image: AT&T)

There are many cases for the iPad and iPad mini, but none with all the features of the new AT&T Modio unveiled at the CES. The protective case also serves as a stand, adds 4G LTE to Wi-Fi only models, and has a slot for a 32GB microSD card.

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Folks who own a Wi-Fi only iPad, and that's probably a lot of them, may regret the lack of 4G in the tablet from time to time. That's especially true for business travelers needing the ability to get online on the go.

Enter the Modio from AT&T, a case that has a 4G hotspot embedded inside the portfolio. It serves as a hotspot on the carrier's network. The 4,600 mAh should keep the hotspot running for 10 hours according to AT&T.

In addition to serving as an iPad case, stand, and mobile hotspot, the Modio also has a microSD slot that accepts up to 32GB. External storage is something the iPad lacks, so it's useful to have it in the case.

There will be an AT&T Modio Data app for controlling the 4G connection and for monitoring data usage.

AT&T has not stated when the Modio will be available, nor the price. The iPad mini version will be available first, followed by models for the two iPad Airs.

While a decent option for consumers (depending on pricing), the Modio is particularly suitable for small businesses. In addition to keeping workers on business trips connected, having a case form means the Modio can be passed around the team as needed.

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