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CES 2015: Gogoro unveils urban battery infrastructure and connected Smartscooter

Several brilliant ex-HTC employees came together in an attempt to transform energy distribution and management in populous cities. The Gogoro Energy Network powers their first vehicle.

(Image: Gogoro)

What happens when a bunch of ex-HTC executives get together and think of ways to change the world? You get innovations in energy, transportation, and technology.

Horace Luke, previous chief innovation officer of HTC, is the chief executive of Gogoro and at CES Monday Gogoro unveiled the Smartscooter as the first product of a broad urban ecosystem.

The Gogoro Energy Network is a battery swapping infrastructure designed to offer city dwellers the ability to quickly and easily exchange dead batteries for charged batteries. Rather than tethering an electric vehicle to a cable for hours to charge it up, with the Gogoro Energy Network you can visit a station and swap out your expired batteries for a charged set to continue on your way.

Gogoro's current battery includes 25 sensors, NFC, and 256-bit security. The battery is a Panasonic 18650-size automative grade lithium ion cell and the Smartscooter is the first vehicle to be released to work with the battery and network. There have not yet been announcements from a city to rollout the infrastructure, but with their offices in the Pacific Northwest I hope to see this in Seattle or Tacoma soon.

The Smartscooter is also an innovative device powered by the Gogoro G1 motor mounted on the Gogoro Aeroframe. It looks amazing with 30 onboard sensors, cloud connectivity, a companion iOS and Android application, and customizability to fully personalize your ride.

The Gogoro Smartscooter and GoStation will be shown at CES in Las Vegas this week.

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