CES 2015: Lenovo and NEC joint venture shows off LaVie Z laptops

Lenovo formed a joint venture in 2011 with NEC to sell laptops in Japan, and the companies are launching two models to sell outside of Japan.

Lenovo LaVie Z (Image: Lenovo)

At the CES in Las Vegas Lenovo and NEC announced two laptops that are extremely light. The LaVie Z comes in two models, the HZ550 and HZ750. The HZ550 is the lightest 13-inch laptop, weighing in at a mere 1.72 pounds. The HZ750 weighs only 2.04 pounds and is a hybrid with a screen that rotates a full 360 degrees.

Both LaVie Z laptops are extremely thin at only 0.67 inches. They feature magnesium-lithium construction to make the devices sturdy even though very thin. This material is 50 percent lighter than aluminum and as strong as the magnesium alloy typically used in laptops.

The laptops are configurable, with up to an Intel Core i7 (HZ750), and with 128GB SSD storage. Lenovo claims the LaVie Z laptops have all day battery life.

"We are thrilled to bring our first NEC products outside of Japan with the LaVie Z, two of the world's lightest PCs in their class," said Roderick Lappin, president and CEO, NEC Lenovo Japan Group and vice president, Lenovo. "The LaVie models are a true triple play - on the cutting-edge for thin, light and powerful - and the HZ750 adds another advantage - 360° mode flexibility - making these devices real game changers that stretch the bounds of innovation."

The LaVie Z HZ550 and HZ750 will be available in the US in May 2015 for $1,299 and $1,499 respectively.