CES 2015: Withings announces affordable Activite Pop smartwatch with eight month battery

Geeky looks, high cost, and short battery life are major complaints about smartwatches. Withings has a new smartwatch that addresses all of these concerns.

(Image: Withings)

My Sony SmartWatch 3 gets better all the time, but the new Withings Activite Pop looks like a contender for one of the more attractive, affordable, and useful wearables of 2015.

Withings makes their connected smartwatch look like a standard analog watch so those concerned about looking too geeky won't have that concern here. You could go with the $450 Activite that is made of higher quality materials, but $150 is much easier to justify in the still fledgling wearables space.

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Withings was also able to launch a product with a reported 8-month battery life, a major plus for people who don't want to deal with daily charging. Granted, the Activite Pop doesn't have a digital display for viewing the collected data so the heavy lifting is done by your phone.

The Activite Pop is made of PVD-coated material and a silicone strap with three available colors: blue, gray, and sand. There are two dials on the watch, one for time and the other showing the percentage of your activity goal. Vibration is available for silent alarms and goal achievement.

One handy feature that some other trackers lack is the ability to monitor your sleep automatically. It also recognizes swimming and running activities automatically and logs them as such. Yes, it is water resistant up to 30 meters.

The free Withings Health Mate app allows iOS users to view all their Activite Pop data on their devices, with an Android version coming later. The app shows steps, sleep, your leaderboard, and more. You can even log in on the web to view more details of your data.

Because the watch syncs to your smartphone via Bluetooth, the time will also change when you travel across time zones.

The Activite Pop will be available on BestBuy.com today and in stores starting in March. The full retail price is $149.95.