CES Focus: Gadget heaven

Find out what was unwrapped at CES 2002 - one of the biggest consumer electronics shows on the planet - including streamed video of keynotes and products
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Streamed video: Highlights of the top keynote speeches Streamed video: Round-up of the latest CES gadgets DVD formats face off
Friday 11 January: Two groups are striving to make their rewritable DVD format the standard, as prices finally come within reach of consumers Streamed video: Philips spins out DVDR recorder Microsoft aims to simplify wireless world
Wednesday 9 January: Windows CE .Net will run on everything from mobile phones to robots, and will tap into Microsoft's .Net Web services, but critics remain unconvinced Streamed video: Philips' 2020 vision: The digital home Products to watch
Wednesday 9 January: New devices and software are coming out of the woodwork for this week's Consumer Electronics Show Streamed video: ViewSonic unveils 36-inch monitor Streamed video: Philips launches photo-music gadget Streamed video: Samsung shows home media centre Streamed video: Sanyo unveils IMT-2000 camera/phone device Streamed video: Panasonic shows business card-sized AV recorder Streamed video: Plasma screens play big at CES TiVo broadens its programming
Wednesday 9 January: TiVo announces a new set-top box and service alliances, which it hopes will push it to the front of the home entertainment market Fiorina puts industry in the picture about merger
Wednesday 9 January: In her keynote at CES, Carly Fiorina focuses on digital photography rather than HP's proposed merger with Compaq Streamed video: Fiorina sees future in photos Streamed video: Fiorina fends off merger skeptics Samsung chief executive unveils home gadgets
Wednesday 9 January: Korean company shows off wireless handheld, Home Media Center Bluetooth arrives for car, phone, mobile devices
Tuesday 8 January: New products from Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, TDK and others make the wireless technology more accessible Streamed video: Motorola unveils a hands-free Bluetooth-enabled headset New phones unveiled
Tuesday 8 January: Nokia, Sprint and others show off new phones and phone accessories geared to work on new, higher-speed cell phone networks that may be able to handle more calls Motorola cranks out new power play
Tuesday 8 January: A wind-up generator for mobile phones will soon be a reality thanks to a joint effort by Motorola and Freeplay Real makes a break for the TV
Tuesday 8 January: Real will build its software into new digital home entertainment systems in a bid to move beyond the PC Gates wants Windows XP in your living room
Tuesday 8 January: A new interface aims to turn your PC into a consumer entertainment device Streamed video: Gates reveals Mira image Streamed video: Gates - software is the digital core Name change and new product for Rearden Steel
Tuesday 8 January: New products include the Moxi MC, a set-top box design that includes a modem, hard drive and Firewire ports and runs on a modified Linux operating system Streamed video: Rearden Steel shows its "Moxi" Windows CE .NET launches at CES
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