CES: Kodak introduces two new Pulse Digital Frames with social networking

Kodak announces the next-generation 7- and 10-inch versions of its popular Kodak Pulse Digital Frames with added social networking features.

CES 2011

Complementing its three digital camera and two digital camcorder announcements of today, Kodak also announced two new editions of its Kodak Pulse digital photo frames.

As with earlier models in the Pulse Digital Frame line, the new 10-inch Kodak Pulse Digital Frame W1030S and 7-inch Kodak Pulse Digital Frame W730S are WiFi-enabled digital photo frames with 800x600 resolution, 4:3 aspect ratio, full touchscreen interfaces, and 512MB memory built in. As with the earlier editions, the frames let you to create a custom email address for easy receipt and uploading of images, but the new versions have added social networking touches, allowing you to immediately comment on photos the frame receives via a Quick Comment button on the touchscreen. It's a limited feature since there are just 12 canned responses (e.g., LOL!, OMG!, Kodak Moment!), but it cleverly sends comments in the same medium the photo was delivered (e.g., via email or as a Facebook comment)

You can also stream images from Facebook or Kodak Gallery albums and a new feature allows you to create playlists of photos you want to view more frequently.  Another new touch is the built-in activity sensor that wakes up the frame when you're nearby and powers it down when you're away.

The new frames will sell for $129.95 (7-inch) and $199.95 (10-inch) and will be available this spring.