Chairman of Liberty Surf quits

Tiscali takeover means a few empty chairs in the company boardroom

The chairman and founder of French Internet Service Provider (ISP) Liberty Surf, Pierre Besnainou, resigned Tuesday.

The departure follows Liberty Surf's decision to accept an offer from Italian ISP Tiscali last month which valued the French company at 900m euros (£569.5m). Since then a number of senior staff have left Tiscali, including former chief executive James Kinsella.

Besnainou's departure is not seen as a big surprise because, unlike Kinsella, he had not been offered a senior position within the Tiscali group. In a statement, the company explained that Besnainou's departure was in line with the commitments he made to the old and new shareholders of the group.

Liberty Surf is thought to have as many as 1.1 million active users, which was not enough to allow it to survive on its own in the long term, but revenues of 61.2m euros in 2000 made it a target for Tiscali. Liberty Surf's shareholders had refused an earlier offer from the Italian firm.

Liberty Surf was founded by Besnainou in 1998.

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