Charge your Mac and iPad at the same time with PlugBug

Have both a MacBook and iPad? The PlugBug lets you charge them both.

At a time when more and more people seem to have every Apple gadget under the sun, the question of how to keep all the devices charged has become more and more important. Enter the PlugBug, a simple accessory that tackles two charging jobs at once.

The 10W PlugBug attaches to the top of the MacBook power adapter, allowing any gadget capable of charging via USB to use the PlugBug's USB port. Providing the fastest charge possible for the iPad and iPhone, the PogoPlug also functions as an international power converter, converting internal MacBook adapters into ones compatible with North American power sockets. That's sure to be a big help for frequent travelers.

As for a non-Apple focused device that offers something similar, consider the Kensington Triple Charger, which is compatible with a large number of devices.

The PlugBug retails for $34.99.