Charging up two iPhones, simultaneously, with the MacBook Air

During a power outage, the MacBook Air was a great power source

When Hurricane Sandy hit, my family lost power for about two and a half days. As a result, my wife and I were staying connected via our iPhones. Unfortunately, the iPhone can only last so long so inevitably we had to find a power source to keep our communication lines open. Enter the MacBook Air.

I'm sure that you've charged plenty of gadgets via the USB port on your PC / Mac in the past. In this case, though, I figured since I had two iPhones and both were in need of charging (less than 10 percent left), that I might as well try to charge them both at once.

Previously, on other laptops, I've been lucky to still have battery life left in the laptop after a charging session, not to mention that most times the mobile phone doesn't get recharged to 100 percent. In this case, though, not only did both iPhones get recharged, but I also talked on the phone on one while it was charging.

In summary, three things surprised me about this experience:

  • The MacBook Air managed to charge both iPhones fully, simultaneously
  • One of the iPhones was being used while charging, and it still fully charged
  • The MacBook Air still had more than 50 percent of its battery power left

I've been a longtime user of laptops and used to suffer from quickly diminishing battery power. It's amazing to see how powerful today's laptops are, especially in an emergency.