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Chart: 260 Enterprises Have Deployed Samsung's Android Tablets or Smartphones

Samsung disclosed for the first time some of the large deployments of its Galaxy Tab tablets and other Android devices by large companies and organizations.

Building my list of large-scale Android device deployments has been much harder than building my iPad one.(View my Android list here, my iPad top 50 deployments here, and my overall iPad list here.)

I chalk that up partly to the iPad's overwhelming name recognition, which leads organizations to tout their Apple deployments publicly (especially governments and schools that need to in order to appear accountable to their taxpaying constituents), as well as frankly the iPad's far greater success to date.

Thankfully, I was able to speak to Samsung Mobile last week and its vice-president for enterprise sales, Tim Wagner, during the launch of its augmented SAFE program for wooing enterprises to its Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets.

(Read about Samsung's pincer movement strategy to making Android devices like the Galaxy S III smartphone win in businesses and large organizations.)

"We've had 260 marquee wins for our smartphones and tablets," Wagner said. Besides the widely-publicized American Airlines use of 6,000 Galaxy Tabs as a replacement for in-flight entertainment consoles, the list includes well-known organizations such as Pacific Gas & Electric, which has armed 200 of its field service workers with Galaxy Tabs and Texas Department of Criminal Justice which has 950 field service workers using Rugby II smartphones, and lesser-known companies that are making massive deployments, especially in the home healthcare arena.

Take Bayada Home Healthcare, which has deployed 2,000 Galaxy Tabs to its nurses, who visit elderly and disabled clients in their homes. Using a specially-developed app, the nurses can fill out electronic forms faster and more accurately on the Tabs, leading to better care for the patients, less after-hours paperwork for the nurses and faster Medicare reimbursements for Bayada.

Besides Bayada, other home healthcare providers using Tabs include Homecare Homebase, which has 6,200 Tabs, Encompass Home Health with 2,400 Tabs, Brookdale Senior Living (300 Tabs and 2,500 Stratosphere smartphones) and Honeywell HomMed (400 Tabs).

While Samsung claims 260 large-scale deployments, it was only able to share a fraction of them with me:

Note: this list obviously excludes the many organizations where employees are bringing in Samsung Galaxy devices in large numbers on a Bring Your Own Device basis. It also doesn't include the 44 enterprises that are pre-ordering the Galaxy S III smartphones in large quantities, according to Wagner.

Besides the Tab, enterprises are showing interest in the Galaxy Note phablet (phone/tablet). Its 5-inch size is similar to the ruggedized Windows Mobile-based field service devices that dominate today, though in a far more attractive and flexible package. PG&E is considering the use of the Note, said Wagner, because "they love the form factor," as is another large U.S. company he couldn't name. Healthcare organizations are also looking to arm their doctors and nurses with Notes, he said.