Chart: Mobile OS update frequency (spoiler: iOS trounces)

iSmashiPhone charted the major mobile operating systems by their update schedule, and not surprisingly, iOS beat the rest of the pack quite handily.

iSmashiPhone took a look at mobile operating systems and their update schedule. After plotting it on a tidy chart, noticed a pattern of consistent and regular updates to iOS especially when compared to the much more, ahem, sporadic updates of all the other mobile operating systems. The site notes, that after a slow start, Android is gaining ground.

The exception now may be Android, which is picking up the pace. However, a look at the other major mobile OSes will show how infrequently they tend to be updated.


It deftly concludes that frequent OS updates are key in the mobile software race noting that Apple has lead in this regard from the beginning.

Android is catching up, and their recent release schedule shows that they “get it” as far as updates go, but RIM and all the other guys are still lagging way behind.