Chart of the day: Solyndra loan guarantee vs Pentagon 'boondoggles'

As the scandal surrounding Solyndra grows, here's a chart that puts the $535 million loan guarantee into perspective. Warning: This won't necessarily make you feel better.
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Solyndra's business model put the company on track to fail. The changing dynamics of the global solar market accelerated its demise. The Obama Administration's decision to award a flagship $535 million loan guarantee raises more than a few red flags -- which Jon Stewart of The Daily Showput into context this week. Still, it's worth putting the Solyndra loan guarantee into some perspective.

Christopher Mims, a Smart Planet contributing editor and blogger at Grist among other pubs, put out this request via Twitter earlier today:

Somebody, please: Infographic comparing $500 million spent on Solyndra to multi-billion $ spent on countless failed military projects.

Well, it's been answered by Philip Bump. Here's a chart comparing the Solyndra loan guarantee to what the New York Times called the Pentagon's "biggest boondoogles." The dollar amounts are in billions. Be warned: This won't make you feel better.

Chart, Philip Bump; Photo: Solyndra


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