Chatter enables service with a smile

Midsize aesthetic dental products company DenMat keeps up with social commentary, customer feedback with Salesforce's social monitoring tool.

When pint-sized Jersey Shore personality Snooki admitting to investing in Lumineers to brighten her smile, the midsize company behind that product, DenMat, saw a dramatic spike in Web site visits — up to 40,000 hits, according to the company's IT director, Jonathan Green.

But the sales and service team was prepared for the onslaught of feedback, because it uses the Salesforce social collaboration application, Chatter, to watch and share all the latest news and social gossip about the company. 

Chatter is just one component of the extensive Salesforce implementation that the company has invested in over the past several years, Green said. Its original mission: to provide real-time customer visibility, with the aim of resolving customer support questions and issues within 24 hours. Chatter was installed several years ago to help support a specific product launch. Now it is widely used across the 405-person company.

"It's used by everyone; the vice president of sales can get people excited about new events. The lab manager can let everyone know about new warranty policies," Green said.

The Salesforce platform replaced a 30-year on-premises enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that was increasingly difficult to update. DenMat chose Salesforce over its other options because the applications could be deployed in phases. The implementation is used to manage relationships with more than 4,000 customers, mainly dentists or dental labs that recommend DenMat products. Several integrators, Clear Task, Stantive and Ventus Solutions, have helped DenMat customize its Salesforce deployment, which is integrated with a Siemens telephony system.

According to the case study published about this customer by Salesforce, some of the benefits that the company has seen from its Salesforce investment include its ability to redeploy IT staff that were needed to support the previous system, faster customer service resolution and the ability to create custom applications to support various marketing campaigns (including one that generated more than 5,000 appointment requests and related payments, as well as 200,000 inquiries over a six-month period).

Thumbnail Image: Lynn Kelly, Creative Commons