Check in to Facebook Places from your watch

This watch is for the uber lazy: those who want to check in to a location on Facebook Places but can't be bothered to take out their phone.

The customizable InPulse watch features a lot more than your typical wristwatch: Blackberry notifications, downloadable apps, and even wireless connectivity to Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Android. Because of that last one, and since it is possible to develop for the device, the InPulse watch can now check in to Facebook Places.

This was made possible after a little work with the Android SDK and the Facebook Checkin API. "I needed Graph API permissions to publish checkins, so I registered a new app," an InPulse spokesperson said in a statement. "After arguing with the Facebook API for a while longer, I figured out how to query the API for nearby locations and publish checkins."

Java developers will find the code very easy to understand. If you want to do this with your own Android apps, you'll find these links useful: the Android Eclipse project, the APK, and

The whole idea is to save yourself the time and effort it takes to take out your phone and perform the check in from there. After all, most watches reside on your wrist! Unfortunately, while the idea is quite an interesting one, and it does appear to work, the goal was not exactly achieved: the actual check in process takes quite a bit of time. I would argue that I could check in on Facebook Places much more quickly from my smartphone. The video demonstration is embedded below; what do you think?


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