Chevron, Tioga open largest solar parking canopy in Hawaii

Chevron Energy Solutions and Tioga Energy unveiled the largest solar parking canopy project in Hawaii.

Chevron Energy Solutions and Tioga Energy on Wednesday unveiled the largest solar parking canopy project in Hawaii.

The project, an 856-kilowatt solar system at Oceanic Time Warner Cable's Mililani Tech Park, includes solar photovoltaic panels on two buildings and parking canopies.

Chevron designed, engineered and constructed the project; Tioga financed it. (The latter will own and operate the installations for 20 years through a solar power purchase agreement, or PPA, selling generated electricity back to Time Warner at discount rates.)

The project, which was first announced in December 2010, is estimated to reduce carbon emissions equivalent to planting 225 acres of trees. It aligns with the state's Clean Energy Initiative, which stipulates that it will generate 70 percent of its power from clean energy by 2030.

The installation is also expected to sweeten Time Warner's bid to have its new annex building certified as LEED Gold.

"In offering affordable renewable energy options, Tioga and Chevron are helping organizations to alleviate budgetary stress while simultaneously meeting their sustainability goals," Tioga CEO Paul Detering said in a statement.

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